Northern Shrimp

Northern Shrimp
Catch is carried out in the Barents Sea. Products are processed, frozen and packaged directly on the ship. It is manufactured in accordance with specifications and has a shelf life of 10 months


Size, mm:

Box size, mm:

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Conveniently store

We have specially created a compact and easy-to-store moisture-proof cardboard package, so that our customers receive only the best seafood in the right packaging for the most convenient and compact storage.

Unique packaging

A special moisture-resistant cardboard allows to maintain its original properties under temperature changes in natural conditions of transportation and storage.

The product is frozen and packaged directly on the vessel after the catch, which allows you to preserve the taste and quality of the product in its original form. The product is subjected to shock freezing before packing, thereby eliminating the appearance of additional ice.

Wholesale deliveries

Marine Breeze Company carries out wholesale deliveries and invites partners for cooperation.

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